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Independent Wealth Counsel for Successful Families

Our mission is to simplify and improve our clients’ financial lives. We enable them to focus on their families, their business and their passions.

A storied history has brought your family to this point. Let’s write the next chapters together.

Embracing a client-centred philosophy

Our independent advice and open-architecture approach allow us to create and manage wealth plans fully aligned with our clients’ goals. Discover how this helps ensure the best outcomes for your family.

Focus on Client Objectives

Integrated Planning

Independent Advice

Goals-Based Investment Philosophy

Building trust over generations

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We invest in long-term relationships to help you invest in the long-term success of your family. Meet the team committed to helping you build a legacy that will extend across generations.

4/5 of our clients are business owners
100% of our clients are referrals from existing clients or professional advisors
50 years helping Canadian families

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